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As stated earlier, the use of so called Snifters for drinking Malt Whisky is unknown to many people. This is very unfortunate and inappropriate. It detracts from the nosing and tasting sensation and brings down the Scotch Whisky experience.

We therefore believe that this should change! A good Scotch deserves a proper glass like a Single Malt snifter or Glencairn whisky glass.

Currently you can find this special tulip shaped glasses - often with an engraving - only on special whisky events or exhibitions.

Via WhiskyGlazen.com you now have the opportunity to order your own special malt whisky glasses. Take a look at our snifter assortment and order yours today!

Whisky Glass gifts and presents

Our whisky glasses are perfect as or as part of a:

  • Whisky Birthday Gift
  • Promotional Gift
  • Whisky Christmas Present
  • Christmas gift
  • WhiskyFarewell Gift
  • WhiskyFather's Day Gift
  • Anniversary Gift Whisky
  • High school gruaduation gift Whisky
  • Whisky Gift
  • Valentines day Gift


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